Listening test: What is he talking about?

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    Rotten Dog – 03:52
    — 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

    In todays lesson we are going to listen to a video and then we have to talk about it, ok?

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    alt text

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    Os voy a dar unas lecciones para andar por casa. A ver.

    1. BOY AS N R - voy a cenar
    2. N L C JOHN - en el sillón
    3. BE A HOPE AND SON - viejo pazón
    4. THIS S POOR AS STUNT AIR E US - dices puras tonterias
    5. S TOY TREE STONE - estoy tristón
    6. LOST TRAP EAT TOSS - los trapitos
    7. A KEY EYE AGREE JUGS - aqui hay agrillos (boquerones en vinagre)
    8. DESK CAN SAW - descanso
    9. AS SAY TOON AS - Aceitunas
    10. BE A HAS R GORE R S - viejas agoreras
    11. COME A T LOSS A WACK CAT TESS - Comete los aguacates
    12. THE HEAD THE STAR MALL LESS STAN DOE - deje de estar molestando
    13. KIT AT TELL LOSS WAR AT CHESS - quitate los guaraches
    14. BALL ADD THE PAY JAZZ SAD US - bola de payasadas
    15. BEN A ME CHOIR TOE - ven a mi cuarto
    16. KEY R OH 4 KNEE CAR TELL OH G TOE - MMmmmm... eso (quiero fornicarte el oj/++)

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    To the mossos: referendum is caming.

    PS: Brace yourselfs

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