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    Hola a todos/as:

    Mi amigo está terminando un máster en investigación en didácticas específicas en la lengua y la literatura en la UV y me ha enseñado su CV y me ha dicho que no quiere quedarse en España ya que le da miedo quedarse rodeado de chonis y fracasados así que me ha dado su CV para que yo le asesore. Lo malo es que yo no sé dónde podría trabajar ya que ando algo escaso de tiempo de asesoramiento últimamente.

    Aquí tenéis un copia y pega de sus CVs.

    Este es el resumen de su CV de profesor de inglés:

    "Education and qualifications

    Master’s degree in Secondary Education Teaching (MFL: English.) Date awarded: 5th September 2014. Awarding institute: X.

    Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Date awarded: 1st March 2016. Awarding institution: Department for Education. Location: United Kingdom. Teacher reference number: 1658546

    Degree in English Studies (BA) (2:1). Date awarded: 13th January 2012. Awarding institution: X.

    General Certificate of Secondary Education. Date awarded: 20th June 2006. Awarding institution: X.

    Compulsory Secondary Education. Date awarded: 15th June 2003. Awarding institution: X.

    Additonal qualifications

    Dramatising English III. Trinity London College (seminar.) Date awarded: 15th April 2016. Awarding institution: Trinity London College. Location: X.

    Dramatising English II. Trinity London College (seminar.) Date awarded: 15th March 2016. Awarding institution: Trinity London College. Location: X.

    Dramatising English I. Trinity London College (seminar.) Date awarded: 15th February 2016. Awarding institution: Trinity London College. Location: X.

    Intercultural mediation course. Date awarded: 20th January 2015. Awarding institution: University of Seville. Location: X.

    CELTA Certificate (Cambridge English Language Teaching for Adults.) Date awarded: 25th July 2013. Awarding institution: Cambridge ESOL. Location: Dublin, Ireland.

    Standard TEFL Certification from UK-TEFL. Date awarded: 15th June 2012. Awarding institution: UK-TEFL. Location: London, UK.

    Advanced TEFL Certification from UK-TEFL. Date awarded: 19th September 2012. Awarding institution: UK-TEFL. Location: Manchester, UK.

    Coursera (Certificate of Accomplishment): Accountable Talk: Conversation that Matters. Date awarded: 15th January 2012. Awarding institution: Coursera (online platform.) Location: online.

    Coursera (Certificate of Accomplishment): E-learning and Digital Cultures. Date awarded: 20th March 2012. Awarding institution: Coursera (online platform.) Location: online. Coursera (Certificate of Accomplishment with Distinction): Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación en la Educación (TICs.) Date awarded: 10th October 2013. Awarding institution: Coursera (online platform.) Location: online.

    Career history

    Position Title: English teacher. Employer: X. Dates worked: 10/2015 to 06/2016. The levels I have taught this year were mainly: primary school children who wanted to take the Cambridge Starters exam for Young Learners. I have also had a couple of students who wanted to get the B1 certificate and it was a ‘small group’. Our lessons aimed at improving their communication skills, their listening skills and their writing skills. This lessons were not held at the academy, but in different schools across the province of Valencia. Besides, I had to do the headcount online so that parents could know, among others, whether their children had behaved well, had participated actively and overall if they had gone to class. If they had more than three unjustified absences, they were sent a warning. I have also prepared a couple of students who needed to enhance their level of English. They were at the A2 level, although they could manage quite well. We focused on communication, grammar, vocabulary and we often did simulations of B1 examinations.
    At the beginning of the October till December, I also designed and taught a course addressed to taxi drivers, that is to say, I taught English for specific purposes for taxi drivers who had to pick up tourists and businessmen from the airport and drop them off at the place where they wished. This course mainly focused on very basic grammar and ‘cliches’ that drivers had to use to get the information they needed without putting their professional life at risk because of the lack of linguistic competence. I have also had a group of three students at the A1 level who needed to improve their English and get better marks since they had never focused on communication and besides, all the English lessons they had at school were mainly held in Spanish, which was no helpful whatsoever for them to improve their listening skills. I have had a couple of students who wanted one-to-one lessons. One of them wanted to get the B1 certificate at the Official School of Languages (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas) and the other one was a traumatic surgeon who wanted to improve her oral skills to make effective speeches at conferences on new advances in spinal cord injuries provoked by tumors compressing the nerves affecting therefore the patient’s mobility. This year I have gone through a total new experience to me: I have taught phonics to a kid who had problems to associate the words with the sounds. This kid had been studying at a bilingual school for a long time but as it normally happens to these kids, they are not taught to write well in English because writing is not considered ‘a major skill’ until they reach the age of 10. We looked through websites that aimed at working on these aspects enabling him to enhance his strengths and to improve their weaknesses turning them into strengths.

    Position Title: English teacher. Employer: PGL ltd, Boreatton Park, Shrewsbury, England, UK. Dates worked: 07/2015 to 08/2015. I worked for PGL at Boreatton Park teaching English to students coming from different countries with different backgrounds. The kids were grouped into different levels according to the CEFR since they had to take an exam to determine their English level. I used a coursebook, but I also used a lot of diverse digital materials. Ages: 9-16 years old.

    Position Title: English teacher. Employer: Docendo British Time. Dates Worked: 05/2015 to 05/2015. I worked teaching English to primary students on extra-curricular lessons. The lessons mainly focused on listening skills and communication. Little grammar was taught as teaching grammar was not the main goal of the program of the school I worked for. Ages 6-9 years old.

    Position Title: English counselor. Employer: Study Tours, Tuscany, Italy. Dates Worked: 07/2014 to 19/2014. I worked at La Principina Summer Camp in Italy for two weeks as an English counselor teaching English as well as looking after the children who were there. We had to prepare lessons based on games such as ‘Treasure Hunt’ or ‘Hide and seek’ and some other outdoors activities in which the students had to use the English they had learnt during the year at school. Ages: 8-14 years old.

    Position Title: English teacher. Employer: X. Dates Worked: 10/2012 to 05/2013 I prepared a group of kids to pass the Trinity oral exam (GRADE 2); so the lessons and activities were mainly oral and based on interactive games. It was in a Primary School. Age: between 10-12 years old. We did not have any materials, so I had to design my own activities. I also gave individual and personalized English one-to-one lessons on basic English grammar. These lessons were one-to-one lessons for a student who had some problems and difficulties on English language and who wanted to pass this subject to graduate from university. Age: 18 years old onwards.

    Other relevant experience:

    Internship and training period

    From 3th of February to 25th of April: Internship in X (‘IES’ stands for secondary school) as an English teacher. Provider: Universitat de Valencia. Place: Sagunto, Valencia, Spain. During this period I did observations and I was also requested to teach different groups of students of different ages as well as examining them and calculating their marks. I also had the chance to attend different events including staff meetings in which they discussed about different issues they had encountered during the term, they talked about complementary formation courses for secondary education teachers and about the new upcoming students who needed further assistance to become familiar with their new environment. At the end of my internship, I wrote my ‘internship memoir’ on what I had done during the period itself. Ages: 12-16 years old. Languages I can speak three languages; these languages are Spanish as my mother tongue, Catalan as my second language (C1 Certifcate from ‘Junta Qualificadora de Coneixements en Valencia’) and third, English as my foreign language whose level equivalence is C1-C2, as I am a graduate in English Studies (BA). Computer Skills I am a computer literate: I have worked with Microsoft Office and Internet Use. I can use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access and Power Point presentations), as well as e-mail and the internet. Quick typing."

    Y aquí tenéis su resumen de su CV como profesor de español:

    "Work Experience

    01-2017 - currently, (Spanish teacher.)

    ClubsComplete (extra-curricular activities), Coventry, United Kingdom

    Delivering after school Spanish lessons for primary students. PPA covers and supplies.

    Organising and delivering interactive lessons from the lesson plans prepared for the course.

    Safeguarding students by creating a safe and positive atmosphere in the classroom by promoting equal participation and mutual respect.

    Carrying out effective activities to promote learning by playing; lessons were not based on books or traditional resources, but on TPR activities and games in teams.

    Reporting any behaviour related issue/problem and informing the company on how lessons are going.

    06-02-2017 (Cover. Spanish teacher.)

    Kenton School, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

    Delivering the different lessons following the lessons plans previously prepared by the teacher.

    Ensuring students’ attendance by doing the headcount at the beginning of each lesson to report to the school on the amount of students that have attended that lesson that day.

    Reporting behavioural problems in case there was any.

    06-2016 to 06-2016, Spanish teacher (volunteer)

    Diverbo (languages school), Madrid, Valencia

    Preparing conversation topics for retirees. Assisting them with the preparation of presentations they have to expose by the end of the week.
    Going sightseeing with them around the city where we had been assigned and show them how Spanish in real-life situations was.

    05-2015 to 05-2016, English and Spanish teacher


    Preparing kids to take formal Cambridge examinations for Young Learners.
    Organising a course for immigrants to teach them Spanish at a very basic level to live in Spain.
    Elaborating weekly and monthly reports on the performance of the students (either students of English or Spanish) to keep the school up to date.
    Assessment of both groups and preparation of mock examinations prior to the official date of the exam (for students of English).
    Looking after the children in class and keep discipline and everything under control.
    Promoting critical thinking and meaningful learning.
    Emphasising on communication and interaction among students.

    09-2009 to 04-2010, Spanish tutor.

    Shawnee State University., Portsmouth, OH, USA

    Helping secondary and university students with their Spanish examinations at the end of the term.

    Education and Qualifications

    09-2006 to 01-2012 - X.

    BA in English Studies

    MFL teaching (English) (C) Spanish language II (B)
    English literature (C) English language (B) Sociolinguistics (C) Linguistics (C) English-Spanish translation (B)
    Stay in an English speaking country. (A) French language (A)

    Overall grade of the whole BA: 2:2

    09-2013 to 06-2014 - X.

    MA in Secondary Education Teaching.

    MFL teaching (English and Spanish) (C) Traineeship period (A)
    Master's Final Dissertation (C)
    Personality Development and Teenagers Psychology (B) Disciplinary Complements for Teacher Formation (C)
    Educational Processes and Contexts (C) Society, Family and Education (B)
    Research and Innovation in Teaching and Education (C)

    Overall grade: 2:1

    09-2014 to Present - X.

    MA in Research in Specific Teaching of Language and Literature

    Educational Research Techniques (A) Literature Teaching Methodology (C) Literature Teaching Research (C)
    Language Teaching Methodology (C) Language Teaching Research (C)
    Master's Final Dissertation (Not finished yet.) Scientific Bases of Educational Research (B) Educational Foundations (C)
    Educational Foundations (C)
    Foundations behind Teaching Innovation (B)

    Not available yet.

    07-2016 to 07-2016 - X.

    Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language

    Spanish Language Teaching Methodology (C)
    Research in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language (C) Use of ICTs in the classroom of MFL (C)
    Final Project (C)
    Traineeship period (C)
    Teaching - Learning Contexts and their importance in teaching Spanish as a foreign language (C)
    Communicative Competence and its development in the classroom (C) Materials and Resources in the classroom (C)

    Overall grade: PASS.

    04-2016 to 05-2016 - Online Express Courses., Madrid, Spain.

    ELE Express Course.


    09-2015 to 01-2016 - Hemingway Institute, Bilbao, Spain

    Course Certification in Teaching Spanish as a foreign
    language (levels: A1 to C2.)


    09-2012 to 02-2013 - Tia Tula (Spanish school.), Salamanca, Spain

    ELE Course Certification (Teaching Spanish as a foreign
    language; levels from A1-C2.)


    Additional Information

    Full driving licence (Spanish driving licence.)

    ICTs literacy. "

    Hay cosas que le he dicho yo que en CV tienen que mejorar pero, ¿a qué países (con lo que tiene ahora) podría ir a trabajar ya sea dando español o inglés?



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